Strategy & Business Insights

A community-vetted library to inspire growth in software design with suggested starting points. Includes FREE Notion database access.
An intro to how strategic curation and targeted customization can elevate your software design practice
Cutting through design decision complexities with a no-nonsense heuristic
Building support for design systems by framing their benefits for reluctant designers, engineers, and PMs
Practice the art of focus and prioritization with the help of a simple heuristic
Tried and true guidelines for crafting great quality, high impact designs
How to build bridges, not barriers, with your words
Emerging opportunities for entrepreneurial designers in the new age of work
Shared by the community. Curated by me.
A success, a partial success, and a failure in systems strategy
Finding balance in the endless quest for breakthrough design
A lighthearted breakdown of scenarios I’ve experienced to help designers prepare for what they might encounter