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Better by Design is a newsletter where I share what I’ve learned from my decade in the trenches of UX design, web development, and brand strategy to help you create better by… you guessed it… using design!

I write about the practical application of a range of concepts that have shaped my approach to design and life as a creative person: from design and technology to psychology and philosophy to business and art.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, product manager, or just someone who likes good design, I hope I can add some value to your creative process and help you to design a little bit better 😎.

Why should you care what I think? 🤔

My unconventional career path has given me a unique skill set and perspective that can add value for people who create software and digital media.

  • I started my career as a brand strategist at the famed ad agency Leo Burnett.

  • Then I designed and built consumer finance applications as a UI developer at American Express.

  • And finally, I honed my craft in UX design, designing three billion+ dollar cyber-security products: Tenable, Signal Sciences (acquired by Fastly), and now JupiterOne.

What do you get by subscribing?

I publish twice per week on Mondays & Thursdays across two content series.

  • Better by Design (Mondays - Blog style)

    • Articles aimed at helping you hit the sweet spot between art, commerce, and technology, with practical applications from my far-reaching background.

  • The Creative MBA (Thursdays - Digest Style)

    • A curriculum for the design-curious. Approachable jumping-off points for learning about design principles, strategy, behavioral science, UI execution, and more.

While you’ll receive both series by default, you can toggle off individual series in your settings if one of them isn’t your cup of tea. Of course, I hope you get value from both of them, but I also want to respect your needs and inbox.

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Patrick Morgan

Here to help you create better by design. Principal Product Designer @ JupiterOne.