Welcome to Better by Design!

Nice to meet you. I’m Pat, and this is my home for writing on the Internet.

I'm a technologist on a mission to bring better craft to the tech world.

I've had an unusual career over the last 12 years:

  • I designed UX for billion-dollar enterprise software startups

  • I built UI for a consumer finance behemoth

  • And I crafted communication strategies for some of the world's top brands.

Product design, software engineering, and brand strategy all rolled into one. It's a powerful, complementary skill set primed to help modern creators excel.

What’s my writing like? I’d say it’s a little like what you'd get if Seth Godin and Lenny Rachitsky had a design brainchild.

I want to help my readers thrive in the new age of creative work. Thrive professionally, by thinking strategically about their business and the tech landscape. And thrive personally, by crafting a life that allows their creativity to flourish. More than anything, I want to help them make an impact and build a rich creative life.

Now let’s get building!

🗓️ What you can expect from me

I publish weekly on Sundays.

I try to keep posts succinct (5-10 min). High signal, low noise.

I also post daily on LinkedIn & X/Twitter.

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Creator of Better by Design. Sharing pragmatic insights from my decade in the tech trenches as a product designer, software engineer, and brand strategist. Based in LA.