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Well written Patrick! A lot of companies would be wise to read this and other related articles on this topic to save themselves both time and money (as well as a lot of tears). Having attempted two of these three approaches, I could not agree more that the "big bang / blow-it-up" approach will most likely fail for you every time. In truth, building the design system is in many ways easier than the process of adopting it. This is why a strategy like the "land and expand" works well as it gives you a pre-defined scope within your application that allows you to start establishing a level of trust (and communication) with the various stakeholders of the system while not being burdened with the monumental effort of having to update your entire UI at one time. I really enjoyed this post, keep up the good work!

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Great post! I've also done "Land and Expand" at prior jobs and found it to be an effective approach. Like you said, it's way easier for design to move quickly with a new design system than it is for engineering/software.

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