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Thanks Patrick, I needed this, like you, I’m trying to work out what’s next but hit a ceiling in my career also. Thanks for writing.

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You've put into words what I've been feeling for the past year. I'm in.

I don't completely know what it involves, but I'm setting up a series of media and code experiments to see what sticks.

Thanks for the inspo.

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As someone who’s been stuck as the ‘labor’ in someone else’s traditional form of leverage, adding incremental value to a system in which I have no ownership, illusory control at best, and static compensation regardless of input - I have a few thoughts. The equation of my life doesn’t balance, it’s a net negative presently and that sucks. Is there such a thing as work life balance or is that just a control phrase/concept created by the owner class? Regardless of balance, we are still working for someone else with diminishing returns for our outsized investments. Having only conceptual knowledge of code and little to no interest in adding to the slurry of content creator’s media firehose (where is quality control!?), where does that leave me? I know the future isn’t as bleak as it feels right now (having not been able to ride the wave of the last tech boom cycle), but making the leap to the scalable class seems damned near impossible at present. But I suppose I’m not your target audience

Nonetheless, a good, well written read and food for thought. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

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