Mar 13, 2023Liked by Patrick Morgan

Thought-provoking post! I've been thinking about trying improv for a long time, and this has definitely encouraged me to look more into it when we move back to SF.

I keep almost closing the tab, then thinking about how each of these applies to cross-functional teams at work. Like the concept of "tagging in" a teammate at work - when everyone on the team is aware of their strengths/weaknesses, "tagging in" someone to help out feels so healthy! "Follow the fear" is also great. Sometimes people are hesitant to speak up about an aspect of a project that confuses them, or to share feedback on product strategy or designs or a tech spec, or to just design and share an idea they have. "Follow the fear" is such a great way to frame this!

(This would be a great conference talk, btw.)

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