Jun 1, 2022Liked by Patrick Morgan

Great post with some very useful tips! I never thought about Presentations and Prototypes being the same kind of file/approach, but you're absolutely right.

I've noticed too that Figma's projects are kind of misnamed, as least based on the usage I've seen. I don't think I've ever seen a project split across multiple files.

For small to medium size projects I often go a step further and stay within a single Figma page and use giant font size headings and horizontal lines to break things up. That way people can just zoom in and out and scroll to view different design variations and states within a feature. And it's easy to get a birds eye view of everything at once. For final handoffs, I'll clean up that page so engineers know that if it's in the file, it's in scope (or I'll use some visual way to mark related designs in the same file as out of scope).

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